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Water Exercise – Environmentally Friendly Water Sports for Exercise and Fun

April 10th, 2022

Exercise in the water can be one of the best and healthiest ways to stay fit. I have had a passion for ocean water sports and exercise all my life. I not only get a lot of good natural healthy exercise, I also find that being in the water especially the ocean is a connection to the natural world, to mother nature. When I am surfing, I feel a wonderful connection to the ocean. When surfing I feel I am interacting with the ocean in a way that absolutely does no harm to the ocean environment, I am utilizing a completely natural process that is in no way manipulated by man.

Waves in the ocean occur based on criteria that is unique. Each wave is completely separate and different. Waves may break in a certain way due to location, wind direction, water depth, tide, swell direction and swell size. I can enjoy and benefit without having any negative impact.

When I use water as a counter force to exercise with I find it to be very low impact. Swimming, paddling, water aerobics, rowing, surfing etc. are all exercises that I benefit from by simply moving water with my arms and legs. Unlike other higher impact mediums of exercise, using water tends to be just right for safe exercise.

Enjoying human powered sports in the water is very environmentally friendly. Sports like swimming, paddling, sailing (without motors), kayaking, diving, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing and any other water sports that do not involve the use of motors and fuel are generally environmentally friendly. They also tend to be less expensive. Once you buy the vehicle of the sport, like the surf board, kayak, paddle board etc, you just have to go to the body of water like a lake, river or the ocean and it’s free to enjoy the sport and get the exercise.

Cold water sports will often require a wetsuit for safety and comfort. The use of a good appropriate wetsuit with wetsuit gloves and even a hood can make it possible to comfortably enjoy water sports even in very cold locations.

Water exercise in pools is also an excellent way to get natural low impact exercise, the only concern is to be sure you don’t get any adverse effects from chlorine etc. If you can choose pools with other methods of purification.

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